We’re a family who’s recently just moved to “T-Town”-dare I say we’ve come from Seattle? My husband and I were anxious to find a place to call HOME for our new family and Seattle had already fallen from the list long ago. Don’t get me wrong, we still love it for many reasons BUT I’d argue that it’s become too big, overly congested, ridiculously pricey and has ultimately lost a lot of the characteristics and charm that made us move there to begin with.

So we packed up our bags and said goodbye to the days of having a landlord and renting and moved our little family to “The City of Destiny”.

There is so much to love about Tacoma. The sense of community, history, character, artistry and compassion has already won us over. But, as a family who is constantly on the go and having to entertain a busy toddler and newborn, I’ve yet to find one solid source of information online that quickly directs me to a list of places for my kids (indoor activities, outdoor activities, restaurants, city events, etc.);

I’m making it my mission in 2018 to find and share all of the worthwhile places to bring your young family. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.